Family Disputes ( Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation / Criminal Actions)

Amarjit Associates LLP understands the sensitive nature of family disputes and offers a comprehensive suite of services to address these issues. Our dedicated team of legal professionals is committed to providing tailored solutions through mediation, arbitration, litigation, and criminal actions.


Compassionate Resolution: We prioritize amicable solutions through mediation, fostering open communication and understanding to reach mutually agreeable resolutions in family matters.

Neutral Mediators: Our experienced mediators create a neutral and supportive environment, guiding families through discussions to resolve disputes related to marital issues, property division, child custody, and more.


Efficient Dispute Resolution: In cases where parties prefer a binding decision, our arbitration services offer a streamlined and efficient alternative to traditional court proceedings.

Experienced Arbitrators: Our skilled arbitrators bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring a fair and impartial process that addresses the specific needs and concerns of each party involved.


Legal Advocacy: When litigation becomes necessary, our seasoned litigators provide strong legal representation in family court. We advocate for our clients’ rights and interests with diligence and expertise.

Courtroom Experience: Our team is well-versed in family law proceedings, including divorce, child custody, alimony, and property disputes, delivering comprehensive legal support throughout the litigation process.

Criminal Actions:

Legal Protection: In cases involving criminal actions related to family disputes, we offer legal protection and representation. Our team ensures that our clients’ rights are safeguarded while navigating the complexities of criminal law.

Strategic Defense: Amarjit Associates LLP employs strategic defense strategies to address criminal allegations in the context of family disputes, aiming for fair outcomes and the protection of our clients’ interests.

If you are facing family disputes, Amarjit Associates LLP is here to provide compassionate and expert legal support. Contact us to explore the best approach for your unique situation, whether through mediation, arbitration, litigation, or criminal defense.