About us:

Welcome to AMARJIT ASSOCIATES LLP – Pioneering Excellence in Intellectual Property Law and Beyond.

Our Legacy: Founded in 1999 by the distinguished legal luminary Late Mr. Amarjit Singh Monga, our firm has grown into a reputable full-service Intellectual Property law firm in India. Originally known as Amarjit & Associates, we carry forward a rich legacy of expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) prosecution, litigation, and innovative entrepreneurial skills.

Our Vision: At AMARJIT ASSOCIATES LLP, our vision is rooted in the forward-thinking principles of our founder. We strive to be a dynamic and energetic law firm, dedicated to the future while honoring the past. Today, our vibrant team of lawyers and professionals is committed to upholding the highest standards of legal excellence.

Distinctive Offerings:

Intellectual Property Excellence: Our focus is on providing end-to-end legal solutions across all facets of Intellectual Property and related areas. Our dedicated team of young, enthusiastic, and experienced Intellectual Property Lawyers excels in handling protection and contentious matters.

Legacy Continuation: We operate as a professionally managed firm with three partners, continuing the legacy of Late Mr. Amarjit Singh. Our commitment to providing quality and effective legal services remains unwavering.

Beyond Intellectual Property: While maintaining expertise in Intellectual Property Law, we have diversified our practice to areas such as Real Estate Property, Family Disputes, NRI Services, and Custom Actions. Our team excels in Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Criminal Actions, offering comprehensive solutions.

Client-Centric Approach: At AMARJIT ASSOCIATES LLP, we take pride in our client-centric approach. We go the extra mile to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with efficacious, effective, and expert legal advice and consultancy.

Creating Possibilities, Not Dead Ends: We don’t just solve problems; we create possibilities. Our team is dedicated to informing businesses of the complex rules governing intellectual property protections, guiding them to make informed decisions that safeguard their valuable assets.

Conclusion: AMARJIT ASSOCIATES LLP stands as a beacon of legal excellence, committed to upholding the legacy of Late Mr. Amarjit Singh Monga. With a passion for excellence, a client-centric approach, and a diverse range of legal services, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape.

Discover the possibilities with AMARJIT ASSOCIATES LLP – where expertise meets innovation, and your success is our priority.

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Amarjit Associates LLP distinguishes itself through a combination of a rich legacy, established by the renowned Late Mr. Amarjit Singh Monga, and a commitment to blending traditional values with a dynamic and energetic approach to meet evolving client needs.

The firm has undergone significant evolution since its inception in 1999. Understanding the key milestones and changes provides insights into the firm’s adaptability, expansion, and commitment to staying at the forefront of the legal landscape.

Understanding the firm’s role in providing strategic advice to multinational conglomerates sheds light on its expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes and addressing the challenges posed by Indian laws and global considerations.

Understanding the firm’s role in resolving family disputes demonstrates its commitment to holistic legal services, going beyond Intellectual Property matters and catering to the broader legal needs of clients.

Exploring the factors behind the diversification of practice areas reveals the firm’s commitment to offering a broader spectrum of legal services, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support for various legal needs.

Understanding the firm’s commitment to staying updated on Intellectual Property laws showcases its dedication to delivering cutting-edge legal solutions to clients, ensuring they receive the most current and effective legal advice.