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Trademarks (Transactional / Prosecution / Litigation)

Explore our expertise in Trademarks, covering Transactional, Prosecution, and Litigation aspects. From strategic filings to courtroom advocacy, we provide comprehensive solutions. Trust us for effective trademark protection and enforcement, ensuring your brand is safeguarded across all fronts.

Copyright (Transactional / Prosecution / Litigation)

Experience comprehensive Copyright services covering Transactional, Prosecution, and Litigation aspects. Trust us for expert guidance in navigating copyright transactions, protecting your works, and advocating for your rights in legal proceedings.

Industrial Design (Prosecution / Litigation)

Benefit from our expertise in Industrial Design, covering both Prosecution and Litigation aspects. Rely on our services for strategic guidance in securing and defending industrial designs, ensuring comprehensive protection for your creative innovations.

Patent (Prosecution / Litigation)

Navigate the complex world of patents with our expert services covering both Prosecution and Litigation. Trust us for strategic guidance in obtaining and defending patents, ensuring robust protection for your innovations and exclusive rights in legal proceedings.

Domain Name Disputes (INDRP / UDRP/ Litigation)

Resolve Domain Name Disputes effectively with our expertise in INDRP, UDRP, and Litigation. Trust us to navigate the complexities, ensuring the protection of your online brand presence through strategic approaches and legal actions.

Custom Actions (Criminal / Civil)

Navigate Custom Actions with confidence through our expertise in both Criminal and Civil proceedings. Trust us to address customs-related challenges strategically, ensuring compliance and protecting your intellectual property through effective legal actions.

Real-estate Property (Transactional / Litigation)

Experience seamless Real Estate Property solutions with our expert services covering both Transactional and Litigation aspects. Trust us for strategic guidance in property transactions and effective representation in legal matters, ensuring your real estate interests are protected comprehensively.

Family Disputes ( Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation / Criminal Actions)

Navigate Family Disputes with sensitivity through our services encompassing Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, and Criminal Actions. Trust us for strategic and compassionate guidance, ensuring the best possible resolution for your family-related legal matters.

Reserve Bank of India Approvals

Facilitate cross-border transactions with our expert advice on Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Approvals. Trust us for strategic guidance in obtaining necessary approvals for sending or receiving foreign funds under various RBI schemes, ensuring compliance and seamless financial transactions across multiple jurisdictions.

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Amarjit Associates LLP, formerly Amarjit & Associates, is a distinguished Intellectual Property law firm in India, founded by the late Mr. Amarjit Singh Monga in 1999. With a dynamic team of legal professionals, the firm excels in IP prosecution, litigation, and operational skills. Inspired by Mr. Amarjit Singh’s vision, the firm is a testament to expertise and innovation. Renowned for its commitment to the future, it offers end-to-end IP solutions globally. Now a professionally managed entity with three partners, the firm extends its practice to Real-estate, Family Disputes, NRI services, and Custom Actions, embodying a holistic approach to legal excellence.

The Team

Gurpreet Singh Monga, the Managing Partner of Amarjit Associates LLP, New Delhi, brings nearly two decades of robust experience in Intellectual Property Law since 2004. Recognized for providing strategic guidance to multinational conglomerates, Gurpreet offers insights rooted in Indian Laws. His diverse expertise spans Parallel Imports, Worldwide Reputation of Marks, Transactional IP Issues, and comprehensive Intellectual Property Compliance on the Internet. Beyond protection and enforcement, Gurpreet adopts a holistic approach, navigating civil and criminal actions across various jurisdictions. With an extensive track record before prestigious forums such as the Indian Supreme Court, High Courts, IP tribunals, and international bodies like the World Intellectual Property Organization, he has left an indelible mark. Gurpreet has played a vital role in resolving family disputes through Mediation and Arbitration, showcasing his versatility. His adeptness extends to Real Property matters, involving transfer, leasing, and portfolio management. Gurpreet’s financial compliance proficiency covers cross-border transactions and U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Compliance. As a Public Arbitrator with FINRA, he contributes to financial dispute resolution and advises clients on Reserve Bank of India compliances for foreign fund transactions across multiple jurisdictions. Gurpreet has been a respected past member of the INTA Internet Law Committee and actively participates in legal associations, including the American Bar Association, International Trademark Law Association (INTA), San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association (SFIPLA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), and Internet Society (ISOC).

Arushi Singh, an Intellectual Property Lawyer and Senior Partner at Amarjit Associates LLP, New Delhi, graduated from Vivekananda Law School, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, in 2015. With seven years of experience in Intellectual Property Law, she has honed her skills through associations with esteemed law firms like ALG India Law Offices LLP, Amarjit & Associates, and Singh & Singh. Arushi is an active member of the Bar Council of Delhi, specializing in managing substantial trademark portfolios for clients. Her expertise encompasses trademark clearance searches, advising on IP protection, trademark selection, and registration counseling. Arushi is adept at providing legal opinions, drafting cease and desist letters, and handling trademark prosecution, opposition, and cancellation proceedings before the Trademarks Registry and the Intellectual Property Appellate Board. Renowned for her contributions to legal publications, she is empanelled by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation and holds a position in the Group ‘A’ Panel of the Supreme Court of India for representing the Government of India.

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Amarjit Associates LLP distinguishes itself through a combination of a rich legacy, established by the renowned Late Mr. Amarjit Singh Monga, and a commitment to blending traditional values with a dynamic and energetic approach to meet evolving client needs.

The firm has undergone significant evolution since its inception in 1999. Understanding the key milestones and changes provides insights into the firm’s adaptability, expansion, and commitment to staying at the forefront of the legal landscape.

Understanding the firm’s role in providing strategic advice to multinational conglomerates sheds light on its expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes and addressing the challenges posed by Indian laws and global considerations.

Understanding the firm’s role in resolving family disputes demonstrates its commitment to holistic legal services, going beyond Intellectual Property matters and catering to the broader legal needs of clients.

Exploring the factors behind the diversification of practice areas reveals the firm’s commitment to offering a broader spectrum of legal services, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support for various legal needs.

Understanding the firm’s commitment to staying updated on Intellectual Property laws showcases its dedication to delivering cutting-edge legal solutions to clients, ensuring they receive the most current and effective legal advice.


Amarjit Associates LLP has been our trusted legal partner for years, providing unparalleled expertise in Intellectual Property matters. Their dynamic team, led by Gurpreet Singh Monga, consistently delivers strategic advice, ensuring our global trademarks are protected. Their commitment to excellence and holistic legal solutions is truly commendable.

Gita Singh

Working with Amarjit Associates LLP has been a game-changer for our business. Arushi Singh's in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Property Law has been instrumental in resolving complex disputes. The firm's expansion into diverse legal areas showcases their versatility and commitment to going beyond expectations. Highly recommended!

Vinod Sharma

Amarjit Associates LLP is more than just a legal firm; they are our partners in success. Gurpreet Singh Monga's insights into international IP laws have been invaluable. The team's proactive approach and dedication to resolving family disputes demonstrate their commitment to creating possibilities. Amarjit Associates LLP is our go-to for comprehensive legal solutions.

Vivek Gupta